Here comes the Bride...

Some day (years and years from now!) I will be making all these fun wedding things for my girls.  But for now, I will live vicariously through my nieces!  

Personalized hankies used as place markers at her Bridal Shower.  One for the Blushing Bride herself, the Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, Grandmother of the Bride, Grandmother of the Groom, and the Maid of Honor.

The back - just a little extra personalization for the guests' to remember the special day.

One of my gifts for the Bride-to-Be.  A cuff bracelet personalized with her new initials.

No Bachelorette Party would be complete without a sash!

I LOVE the pearl accents.

The Mother of the Bride gets to take credit for these gorgeous vintage clutches.  They were so cute I had to share.  She embellished each clutch with fun ribbons and trims and a vintage initial broach.  You can check out some of the Mother of the Bride's other fun stuff on her facebook page My Neighbor's Junk.

The bride had me personalize tops for each of the bridal party girls to wear the morning of the wedding.  Here are the two Miniature Brides ready to go.  Aren't they cute?

One of my duties was to deliver Polar Pops to the bridal party the day of the wedding.  I could have written each girls name on the cup, but that wouldn't have been very Posh now would it?  So, each cup got a cute fabric tag to identify whose was whose.

A special gift for the Mother of the Bride.

Here's the stunning Bride!

I did have a hand in making the Miniature Bride's dresses'.  My mom had the difficult part.  She crocheted the bodice.  I sewed on the lace, the buttons, and the skirt.  Here's a shot of the back.

What a perfect day!  If you are interested in purchasing any of my creations, you can send a message my way using the "Contact Me" section on the right side of the screen or by using the "Contact Me" via my Etsy store.

Pretty in Pink - Paris Birthday Party

Another birthday party is down in the books at our happy home!  This little cutie just turned 11 and planned each and every detail of her special day.  From the tulle on the chairs to the feather boa on the light fixture - the girl knew what she wanted!

Chocolate cake, white cupcakes in cones, and cotton candy were on this years birthday celebration menu!

We've done cupcakes in ice cream cones before and as always, they were a big hit with all.  Only two left by the end of the party.  Much more kid friendly too than traditional cupcakes in wrappers.  No wrappers to peel off = less crumbs on the hands = less crumbs on the floor!  Yay me!  Don't they look delish?

Cotton candy was a party favorite too.  What kid doesn't LOVE cotton candy, and it looked so fluffy, colorful, and cute in the little glass parfait cups.  A dollar a bag - money well spent.  By the way, I bought three bags.  One and a half bags filled the cups - the other bag and a half was gone before the guests even arrived.  YUM!

We looked and looked for the perfect cake topper.  The birthday girl really wanted an Eiffel Tower but we couldn't find any that were large enough to be noticed, but small enough to not smash the cake!  So we went for this DIY paper pinwheel.  Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make one for yourself!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, beautiful daughter.  What a ginormous piece of my heart that little girl holds!

My Dirty Little Secret...

Here's a tidbit of info. about me.  I don't like alot of "things".  I decorate very minimally, don't like clutter, do like everything in its place, and if I don't use it, I don't keep it, unless I think I can use it as a craft supply!

If you looked inside my pantry closet, you would see everything in its place with things like batteries and light bulbs tucked neatly in pretty matching baskets.  Even the plastic grocery bags have their own little area hanging neatly on the door.  And if you're wondering, yes, it does stay like this 95% of the time.

But, like everyone else, I have a dirty little secret!  We all have that collection of something that we have way too many of, be it shoes, handbags, or jewelry.  So, here is my confession, "My name is Susie, and I am a hoarder of craft EVERYTHING!!!"  Fabric, ribbon, vinyl, thread, beads, yarn, patterns, packaging, you name it - I probably got it!  It's like my own private little craft store.

My daughter sent me this pin from pinterest yesterday.

I'm a fabricaholic on the road to recovery. Just kidding. I'm on the road to the fabric store. on Tan Quotes - 1.5" Pinback Button
From an Etsy Store DesignsbyLindaNeeToo

I have TOO MUCH FABRIC!!!  Sad, but true!

When the shelf in my craft room closet finally snapped from piles of supplies, I knew it was time to tame the madness and purge, purge, purge!  But because I simply cannot part with anything that might be able to be used to make something, a trait that my youngest daughter has also inherited from yours truly, I started cutting and sewing like a mad woman and have used those supplies to do what I do best, create! 

Then I decided, why stop there?  So this girl got busy!  I hired someone to refresh my blog, logo, and Etsy store (You'll see the results in the next few weeks - Yay!)  I started creating several DIY tutorials, which I will be sharing with you soon on my blog.  And finally, I finished decorating and organizing my long overdue craft room - a two year process!  In order to make it an more organized space, I decided it was time to part with some supplies.  Some went to goodwill, some were donated to classrooms, some in the trash (OUCH!), and some will be listed in my Etsy store for sale.

So... my two year in the making online Etsy store will be stocked and ready to go soon!  Woo Hoo!  Of course I will still be accepting custom orders, but you will also have the option of purchasing items that are ready to go!  Perfect if you're needing a special gift in a hurry!  Some of these items are one of a kind, so if you see something you like, snatch it up because I may not be able to recreate another one like it!

Looking forward to sharing my updates with you.  Stay tuned!

Pretty Little Birthday Girl...

I can't get over how perfect this pretty little one year old is!  Her birthday pictures were captured by Jamie Marshall of Marshall Memories in Seymour, IN.  If you haven't, you should check out her work.  She does a beautiful job and is so very patient with little ones!

This little cuties Mommy did a beautiful job coordinating everything for the big day.  Look how the pattern of the icing on the cake matches the trim on her custom My Posh Boutique Birthday hat and the "1" on her top perfectly.

And her Mommy's pretty crafty too.  She made her tutu and headband. 

Happy 1st Birthday Little Miss Lily!  Hope you had a perfect day!

For questions or to place an order, send a message to me at

Dolly & Me Birthday Party

The invitation...

The inside - with personal information smudged out of course...

And the birthday girl...

Guests were invited to bring their favorite doll and were greeted with a pillowcase style dolly dress personalized with their initials and displayed on their own dolly dress form - both made by me, of course.  Then they decorated a party hat for their doll.

Here's the party crew...

We sang "Happy Birthday" and watched the birthday girl blow out her candles and enjoyed some yummy cake from a local bakery, Cakes Created.

Presents were opened, and guess what the big one was?  An American Girl Doll, of course!

But perhaps the most fun was had with the photo prop I made for each girl, and boy, as it turned out, to have their picture taken to look like they were an American Girl or Boy Doll in a box.

Awww... How very cute some of them would be as dolls.  Some would just make the made for T.V. movie very interesting.  You can decide for yourself which is which!  

To place an order for dresses or dress forms, send an e-mail to me at

It's a Spa La La Party!

This 10th Birthday Party was full of pretty girls, pedicures and party favors.  Check it out...

Yummy birthday treats were the centerpiece of the table.

A yummy chocolate birthday cake with buttercream frosting in the shape of a nail polish bottle made by your truly.  About two hours before the party, I called my Mom to remind me to NEVER try to make my own birthday cake again!

 Edible nail polish bottles made from strawberry marshmallows dipped in colored white chocolate and topped with a tootsie roll were a yummy treat and a big hit!

And vanilla cupcakes frosted with purple colored buttercream.

Waiting for each guest at their spot was a soak tub with their initial on it filled with flip flops, lavender scented foot soak, a bottle of nail polish, and a lavender scented neck wrap.

The birthday girl and her guests relaxed with their warmed neck wraps, soaked their little piggy's in their soak tubs and were treated to toe painting by my lovely assistants while they decorated their flip flops with the fabric strips that covered the table.

What a cute group of girls and great guests for this Birthday Spa La La!

To place an order for any non-edible items you see, send an e-mail to me at

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